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Vancouver Tutoring Programmes
Posted on March 12, 2017 by BookSmartTutors

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Aside from being renowned for its population density, film production, and tourist attraction, Vancouver is increasingly becoming a reference point in home tutoring programs, across the length and breadth of Vancouver and its neighborhoods.  The growing popularity of the home tutoring program and acceptance of home tutors in Vancouver could be attributed to several factors, chiefly among which are; the structure and design of the neighborhoods in Vancouver, the educational system, and schools in Vancouver, the availability, and growth of home tutors.

Home tutoring refers to an arrangement where parents engage tutors to provide a one-on-one guide or instruction to their children. It could be seen as an avenue through which a poor learner is given the required attention needed to improve and an exceptional student to prepare for tests. Why is private home tutoring growing in acceptance? The answer is not farfetched.

Firstly, Vancouver is made up of quite a number of neighborhoods which include, Downtown Vancouver, West End, Gastown, Chinatown, Coal Harbour, Yaletown, Downtown Eastside, Crosstown, Gransville Island, Commercial Drive, Main Street, Deep Cove, Metro town, Davie Village, Kitsilanio, Steveston, Horseshoe Bay, White Rock, Oakridge, Dundarave, Kerrisdale, and Lower Lonsdale. Not only are these neighborhoods in Vancouver disproportional regarding their facilities and other amenities, but also in term of school enrolment, because costly schools are usually inexpensive areas. And studies have shown that expensive neighborhoods in Vancouver have been witnessing some level of decline in school enrolment about their less expensive counterparts. It is recognized that the preceding could have a serious impact on the abilities of families to maintain their children continual stay in some schools and also, those who would want to augment the conventional curriculum with which their children are instructed in school with a home tutoring program. Moreover, home tutoring is a market-based service; it means that the home tutors will be more attracted to neighborhoods where the needs for their service are at the greatest level.

Secondly, the system of education in Vancouver allows for both public and private schools to thrive side by side, notably among which are Bodwell High, St. John’s Crofton House Mountain View High, etc. Even though the standard could be said to be high, the fact remains that better schools tend to be found in more affluent part of the city, thus making home tutoring a more viable option for parents who either cannot afford some school or choose to combine affordable schools with private home tutoring.
Lastly, is the availability of private home tutors, who are either individuals or companies who matches individual tutors with parents who are in need of home tutors’ services for their children because of many a parent rate home tutoring highly especially as a means of improving test grades.

In summary, Vancouver and its neighborhoods’ education have taken a turn for good, and home tutors seem to be playing a vital role in it by complementing the efforts of schools in Vancouver.


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