English Tutoring in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary


English is a vast subject with the main modules: reading, listening, writing and speaking. If you want your child to excel in all these modules, then you should ensure that he/she is learning these at an early age. English is the universal subject that your child will use throughout his/her life regardless it is for his school education, college studies or a job.

While choosing the English tutor for your child, you need to make sure that the tutor will help him to excel in all the modules. These modules can be further divided into many categories like comprehension is the part of reading; vocabulary and grammar are important in both writing and speaking. No matter what your child needs to learn, the perfect English Tutor should be able to give attention towards his/her personal needs.

The English tutors at Book Smart Tutors have the experience to help your child in all levels and grades no matter how old your child is and what is his education level. They make learning easy and interesting as they use real life examples to teach the difference between various aspects.

English in Toronto Ontario curriculum

In Ontario, there are different courses designed for students with different needs and different career paths: Academic vs. Applied and University vs. College. Here are a few examples:

9 English Academic ENG1D | 9 English Applied ENG1P
10 English Academic ENG2D | 10 English Applied ENG2P
11 English University ENG3U | 11 English College ENG3C
12 English University ENG4U | 12 English College ENG4C

English in Calgary Alberta curriculum

In Alberta, they are separated into -1 and -2 Course Sequences

For students who choose English 10-1, 20-1, 30-1, they will:
• engage with international texts • develop critical thinking skills through an emphasis on
literary analysis • develop strong comprehension and communication skills for university and
postsecondary programs

For students who choose English 10-2, 20-2, 30-2, they will:
• engage with a wide range of texts and some literary analysis • develop your communication skills
through practical, creative, and persuasive writing and representing • prepare for some post-secondary
education education programs


How can our English tutors help?

Below are some areas that our math tutors can help the students in:

1. English Homework help

  • Further explanation or clarification of concepts from school

  • Go through practice questions with students to ensure the concepts are well understood and the student can do it on his/her own when the tutor isn’t there

  • Proof reading, Essay correction - sentence structure, style

2. Learn advanced material or move ahead of class

This is a popular approach if the student is keen on getting higher marks in school. The idea is to learn the material before the teacher at school talks about it so that when the concepts are brought up again in class, the student will understand it very well since he/she is looking at it the second time - The student will need to have an outline of the course and knows which chapter will be taught next. Sometimes this will require the help of the parent to reach out to the teacher if this information is not readily available.

3. Fundamentals and concepts refresher

  • Learning concepts from previous grades, retake courses, or if the student is out of school for a long time and need to retake some courses or a GED.

4. Lesson planning for students unique needs

  • Some student don't get much homework from school at lower grades or when the student is on summer vacation and wants to learn a particular topic

5. Study habits, organization skills and scheduling

  • Give tips to students on how to study, prepare for tests, time allocation, scheduling of work, note taking

6. Test preparation - For an academic course, specialized tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, EQAO, CELPIP and other provincial tests

7. English as a Second language/ESL - Business conversation, English for work, Everyday English, Report writing for work,