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Book Smart Tutors provide customized tutoring sessions for all physics topics in your location. Our students get good results from our tutoring plans because we offer 1-on-1 in-home tutoring and each session is customized to the student’s unique needs. Our tutors are also experts in teaching their subjects and passionate about science.


Physics tutoring

Physics for Grade 1-8 students is embedded into the general science topics. In grade 11, students can select to study more specific physics topics

Physics, Grade 11, University Preparation (SPH3U)
Physics, Grade 12, University Preparation (SPH4U)
Physics, Grade 12, College Preparation (SPH4C)
Science Science, Grade 12, University/College Preparation (SNC4M)
Science, Grade 12, Workplace Preparation (SNC4E)

In British Columbia, students get the following choices for Grade 11 science:
Chemistry 11, Earth Science 11, Environmental Science 11, Life sciences 11, Physics 11, Science for Citizens 11

For grade 12 science, students can choose from the following: Anatomy and Physiology 12, Chemistry 12, Environmental Science 12, Geology 12, Physics 12, Specialized Science 12

In Calgary where Book Smart Tutors operates in Alberta, students can choose to take science 20-30, biology 20-30, physics 20-30, and chemistry 20-30

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to see our students build self confidence, acquire new skills and achieve academic success at school. Unlike learning centers that gear their lessons to larger groups, our tutors plan their lessons around the unique needs of your child.


How can the tutors help?

Below are some areas that our tutors can help the students in:

1. Homework help - Further explanation or clarification of concepts from school Go through practice questions with students to ensure the concepts are well understood and the student can do it on his/her own when the tutor isn’t there

2. Learn advanced material or move ahead of class - this is a popular approach if the student is keen on getting higher marks in school. The idea is to learn the material before the teacher at school talks about it so that when the concepts are brought up again in class, the student will understand it very well since he/she is looking at it the second time

- The student will need to have an outline of the course and knows which chapter will be taught next. Sometimes this will require the help of the parent to reach out to the teacher if this information is not readily available.

3. Fundamentals and concepts refresher - learning concepts from previous grades, retake courses, Out of school for a long time and need to retake some courses

4. Lesson planning for students unique needs - where the student doesn’t get much homework from school at lower grades or when the student is on summer vacation and wants to learn a particular topic

5. Study habits and organization skills - give tips to students on how to study, prepare for tests, time allocation, scheduling of work, note taking

6. Give general guidance on projects or assignment - Being a mentor and a study buddy - where to do research, structure of report and assignment.

Note: If you require other help outside of what we listed above, please contact us to discuss


TUTORING PACKAGE starts at $160/month
No Contracts. No registration fees.

Our aim is to provide high quality service with competitive pricing! We can find you a tutor in 3-5 days in most cases. You don't have to wait weeks to get a tutor.


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We have over 300 tutors in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. All of our tutors have a Bachelor degree or higher and are specialized in the provincial school Board curriculum in their region. Some of the credentials of our tutors include BASc, MASc, PHD, MBAs, CMAs, CGAs, CFAs, Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT), British Columbia Certified Teachers (BCCT), and Professional Engineers (P.Eng).